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Meet Us

Meet our biblical counselor and health coach as she shares her testimony, vision and credentials.

Michelle Azzarelli Edison

Michelle is a woman who has encountered Christ and since then her life has never been the same. Once a girl struggling with social anxiety, validation issues, self rejection and identity issues, is now set free by Jesus Christ. Her testimony is one that progressed over a twelve year span before dedicating her life to Christ. From the age of thirteen years old, she struggled with social anxiety which led to having a hard time feeling comfortable around others which led to vomiting three to four times a day. Each day she would pray for healing but never had a relationship with Christ. Each year the vomiting would lessen until it was completely gone four years later. Without giving any credit to God, she continued living her “normal” life with anxiety and rejection.


One day after seven years of not praying, she cried out to the Lord in desperation to start somewhere new and move to her own place. The next day the Lord had answered her prayers for a second time with an apartment offer she couldn’t refuse. Once again she went astray from God and continued to do as she pleased. She then entered into depression, self rejection and guilt. She tried finding validation through health and a change of her physical appearance through fitness which led to more anxiety and perfectionism. 


The third and final time she listened to a podcast about Jesus. Through the podcast, He spoke to her and said, “ I will burn a fire inside of you and your impurities will rise to the surface so that I may wash you clean and you may start a new.” She then wept and said that she would not leave Him because He was there for her time and time again. The location where she moved was where God had her home church waiting for her to be saved. She then had an encounter with Jesus through prayer and He revealed Himself time and time again. The power of her testimony is that even when we are not faithful, Jesus is. Jesus will continue to pursue you because He loves you and has called you. When you seek the Lord, you will find Him and He will set you free. Once you encounter Jesus, there is no denying Him and all that He has done for you. His love will be perfected in you and you will know that His love is all you have been searching for and it is all you will ever need.

Throughout her walk with Christ, she found her identity that she was a child of God, loved and accepted not rejected. By continuing to pursue Him, she was set free from eczema, allergies, fear and insomnia. Her vision is that more people will be led to Jesus to see who He truly is, what He is capable of and not what the world tells you He is.

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Christian Health Mentor Certification

Biblical Counselor Certification

Associate of Applied Science in Integrative Health Sciences with Holistic Nutrition Specialization

A.A.S in Cardiovascular Technology

RDCS, RVT Credentials

Michelle specializes in:

-Women's Counseling

-Chronic Illness/Autoimmune


-Unhealthy Patterns

-Lack of motivation/direction or purpose

-Life/Job Transitions
-Roommate/friend conflict
-Divorce/divorced parents
-Family dynamics/friendships

*Group sessions are available for mediation (family, friend, roommate, etc.)

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